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The drip of leaks from Garmin on the 920XT continues, this time with images from

I encourage you to look at who drew my attention to these new images of the Garmin 920XT. At the time of writing link directly to the images on the Garmin website so they are copied here in case they are removed like previous leaks.

Previous leaks are reported by me <here>.

The images are shown below in a slideshow of 6 images + the 2 originally leaked. A bit of analysis then follows the images. has 7 new images so you’ll have to go there to see the final one 😉

So, , give their take on the images and what they show. Here’s mine and of course it will be fairly similar to .

IMHO the new images show:

  1. Side view – looks similar in size to the 910XT, we shall see soon no doubt comparisons.
  2. Metronome 180 – in section 9.2 of my 910XT review I ask for this feature. Obviously this ground breaking feature has been pivotal in the development of the Garmin 920XT (joking, eesh). So if it beats at 180bpm then you can train yourself to run at that cadence. Cool. Useful. Like. I’d use it. tritriagain suggest a possible metronome for swim function but I’m not sure the sound will travel sufficiently far from the wrist (as Thomsk points out vibration MAY work but it would have to be different from the current 910’s vibration method IMHO).
  3. Recovery time 24: This looks the same ‘recovery’ as on the Fenix2, by Firstbeat. There were some limitations of the recovery feature on the Fenix2 (same on the Special Edition fenix2). Hopefully this situation has been improved upon. I found Recovery Time useful on the Fenix2 as a guide to perhaps partly delaying my next session if fatigued. It seemed to be affected by bike sessions when I used it but other reviewers said it only worked in run mode. Either way it didn’t take into account swimming HR. What will be the details behind the Garmin 920XT’s recovery data? I still find early morning HRV analysis more useful than Recovery Time eg as with Bioforce or ithlete apps. Though you might want to also look at Firstbeat Athlete. Firstbeat are obviously highly competent in this area…let’s see if they can surprise us with something new.
  4. Average Power 250: This shows existing 910XT bike metrics. The noteworthy thing here of course is the L-R power balance. So obviously the 920XT supports the lovely Garmin Vector pedals also Vector S too I assume. No surprise there I hope! The surprise will come with what degree of support is offered to other power meters (ie ANT/Bluetooth). Undoubtedly it will support the to-be-released but announced Cycling Dynamics (PP, PCO, etc.).
  5. 4530: I’m guessing that’s daily steps? (Altitude? Calories? perhaps). As the 920XT is a 24/7 activity tracker then the daily steps vs. daily step target would seem sensible. I like a lot the incorporation of the 24/7 tracker for a variety of reasons having enjoyed greatly playing with the Vivofit (see also Vivosmart) for quite a while, hopefully counting/including sleep metrics as well as non-exercise activity; but I would imagine that most triathletes don’t have a daily step target. I could be wrong.
  6. 0:25 : Ha! Garmin succumbed to the pressure. A watch! I have the 910XT’s ‘other’ mode set as a watch with the GPS turned off. But, hey, people want time functionality and Garmin have obviously been listening. That’s normally the sign of a good marketing team.
  7. 49% Cycling VO2max : Does that too (as Thomsk says probably with a powermeter). There’s probably a bit more to this than meets the eye. More than a simple metric. You have to ask how does the 920XT get the VO2max figure. I’m guessing some sort of internal algorithm based on pre-programmed stepped/ramp tests, or similar, and your personal profile. We’ll see.
  8. Final Image (from earlier leaks) : As we already know running dynamics in colour as on the Forerunner 620.

There you go. Fire away.

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6 thoughts on “Garmin 920XT | More Leaks

  1. Next image: Cadence 182
    GCT ? I’d like to think Ground Contact Time but that’s probably wishful thinking. Can’t imagine how it would be measured – although it would be a great coaching tool.
    Vertical Oscillation? how is that measured?

    Not sure who would set themselves a target of 5000 steps – or any number for that matter.

    Looks good!

      1. Clever stuff. How it measures (and how accurate it is) GCT without a pressure plate amazes me.
        Again not sure how it measures VO. I would want to know how much my head and shoulders oscillate rather than how much the watch oscillates.

      2. VO & GCT are taken from the HRM-Run strap no? As per the 620 and the Fenix 2.

        Also, i’m pretty sure i read somewhere that the VO2 Max for cycling only works if you have a power meter.

        I was assuming that the metronome could be used for swimming, yes you wouldn’t hear the sound but you could feel the vibration?

      3. +1 @thomsk69
        VO2max with powermeter yes maybe sounds logical, can’t remember right now. The RECOVERY though I seem to remember did change with bike use (presumably as based on Fenix2 HR Zones)
        vibration, yes maybe. tho with the 910 the vibration is a little delayed so I think it would not work at high frequency of vibration eg one a second … end of a lap/length then yes fair enough that would/does work

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