Garmin 920XT Publicity Image Leaks

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Source: via
Source: via


Very nice action shot of the Garmin 920XT, probably the best un-photoshopped image we have so far courtesy of super-sleuth The drip of leaks has turned into a trickle and I suspect the tap will be turned on anytime soon.

EDIT: Here’s the Garmin 920XT Specification.

If you are a gadget geek here are some more images, info and speculation on the 920XT.

1. Speculation

2. Online Shop Images

3. Other specification info

4. More

More images will be added below with any relevant thoughts as and when the images come in:

Oh yes and a real user picture is below from ICONOSQUARE users GOTOETOTOE & BOJANDJURIC. There are quite a few of the 920XTs out being reviewed and used but I would imagine that all are under NDAs (non-disclosure agreements).

Garmin 920XT

This found its way to me via Instagram and OneManEngine, although it’s the same as the image at the top, well at least from the same ad but cropped differently.

Source: OME
Source: OME

And another from OME and it looks like touchscreen (“Oh dear” from me!! “love it” from others)


And more from OME (don’t bother zooming in on the screen, doesn’t show anything new!):


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Check out the Garmin UK mulisports page, it’s on there now.
Available 4th Qtr 2014


And it’s not touchscreen.

No mention of Connect IQ though, I guess we’ll need to wait for Ray’s review to get all the juicy details.


There is a Offizial Video on youtube now!
URL of the watch will be