Still recovering from hever 2014 triathlon

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The Gauntlet Half Ironman Triathlon
The Gauntlet Half Ironman Triathlon

The post race atmosphere at Hever was great. Hanging around in the athlete’s village (OK the bit where the shops are!) waiting for the free race massage was more pleasant than most post-race experiences.

OSMO Nutrition
OSMO Nutrition

However I foolishly didn’t get back to the car for quite some time…and that was where my OSMO Acute Recovery was. The free burger (protein) and the free massage and the Compressport recovery gear all normally work when combined wit the OSMO. I missed one of the ingredients of my recovery and I still had DOMS on Thursday and even today it’s not too great. Recovery runs have helped a bit…so the OSMO stuff could really work or maybe the race was a tad harder than I normally do and that cramp I got caused more damage than usual.

Guess I’ll have to do Hever again to find out 🙂

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