OSMO Acute Recovery vs High5 triathlon fuel

OSMO Acute Recovery vs High5 Protein Recovery

I’ve been using whey protein isolate for a few years; mostly ‘on’ rather than ‘off’. Almost always trying to have some after a particularly hard session or after weights. In general I would say this (whey protein isolate) is a great recovery tactic and, for me at least, certainly speeds my recovery.

In more recent months I’ve been using an entry level High 5 product (Protein Recovery). And that’s fine. Tastes nice  (chocolate flavour) and seems to do the job. I tend to mix it with semi-skimmed milk.

I’ve been asked to use OSMO Acute Recovery  (Vanilla flavour powder). I’ve tried mixing this with water and also with semi-skimmed milk. To be honest I’m not too keen on either’s taste (ie water or milk). However with apple juice or orange juice I find it pretty tasty.

I appreciate I’m not comparing like with like for the taste of the powders.

The High5, I found, mixes better than most protein powders I’ve tried I the past. OSMO’s ‘mixability’ is pretty much par for the course. Same as most other brands. Whether or not something’s mixability is a good sign of product quality or not; I don’t know!

However I would say that the most noticeable difference is on ‘next day recovery’. Basically scientifically stated as ‘how much my XXXX hurts the next day’ (XXXX=substitute favourite body part). The OSMO product definitely makes me a bit fresher the following day, only a ‘bit’, but noticeably so. If I’m planning on an evening’s weights session followed by a morning tempo run then (combined with other recovery strategies) the OSMO is, for sure, the best.

For the sake of completeness: I got a single free sample of a small tub.

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