OSMO Nutrition Active Hydration Sachets for cycling triathlon

Well. I was given some freebie little sachets with some hydration products in. My initial thought was ‘I’ll never use those’. And so I didn’t for a while.

On yesterday’s 3 hour ride however it was a wee bit warm and I ran out of my pre-mixed drinks.

Coming by water in the UK is obviously relatively easy even in the ‘middle of nowhere’ The ‘middle of nowhere’ in the Home counties is basically some ‘nice little village’.

And, you’ve guessed it, here is where the sachets came into their own for me and a few buddies. It’s great to be proved wrong…well it is, so long as you have the solution in your back pocket šŸ™‚

Thank you Mr-OSMO-Nutrition-Active-Hydration-Sachet !!

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