Suunto Movescount For Android March 2015 (April?) (May?)

Edit: watch firmware v1.5.25 is here 25 Mar 2015.

Edit: Android BETA is here for MOVESCOUNT


Suunto Ambit3 Sport
Suunto Ambit3 Sport

An updated version of our popular SUUNTO MOVESCOUNT APP is available for download through Apple’s App Store. The update includes new stand-alone features to the app use, usability improvements and improved Ambit3 syncing.

An Android version of the app has been announced: Suunto Movescount App for Android Lollipop will be available in March 2015.

(I suspect this will be April 2015)

Edit 30 April 2015: twitter news from Suunto States ‘April is ending and the news on Movescount App for Android aren’t what we hoped to deliver: unfortunately we can’t release it yet. More asap’

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18 thoughts on “Suunto Movescount For Android March 2015 (April?) (May?)

    1. According to the March 3 posting on, “The App is currently available for iPhone/iPad users and becomes compatible with Android in April, supporting Android 5.0, 4.4 and 4.3.”

  1. Hi suunto, why is it taking so long to release a app for movescount on android, the release date was March but there is talk of a release in April it’s now mid April but no sign. Why is there no confirmed information on this I feel let down massively and im sure I’m not alone android is bigger than apple but there’s more focus on there app. Please please realease some progress on the android development .
    kind regards

    Matt Reynolds

    1. yes Matt I share your urgency. I don’t work for Suunto of course !! I agree that Android is bigger. But I think that apple owners have more money and prob tend to be the sort who buy Suunto (not me!! I’m like y ou.) Anyway, when it is released it should work well, that is not always true of other manufacturers. would you rather have software that doesn’t work now or software that works later. annoying; but that’s the way it probably is.

      1. I’m not too fussed about how long it’s taking just frustrated that there is only speculation of when it’s going to be out ?

      2. there is info on the Suunto website. from memory it originally said march and I think that was changed to april and then maybe to Spring. So it’s not really speculation by those of us outside Suunto, perhaps more internal speculation from them 🙂

  2. I am fed up waiting for Suunto’s Android app. I am switching to Garmin!!!

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