Interesting New Product : Muscle Oxygen Sensor

MOXY have some interesting products and also an interesting blog about the various merits of setting training zones. Muscle Oxygen could be a better way…if you have access to one of their sensing products


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We’re starting this month’s newsletter out with a very pleasant announcement: we have reduced the price on the Moxy Monitor in the US to $999 for a Sensor, accessories and attachment kit, along with the PeriPedal software! We’re also offering a 3-Sensor bundle for $2649. In addition, we’ve reduced the wholesale pricing for our Moxy Partners outside the US, so folks outside the US can look forward to future reductions as well. You can check out all of our new pricing in the Moxy Store.

In other news, we’ve recently added a new Moxy Light Shield option for use outdoors; it’s a rubber skirt that fits around the Sensor much like those rubber cell phone protectors. The Moxy Light Shield has a low profile, making it easier to tuck into compression shorts than the fabric shield we’ve used in the past. It can be attached with the Moxy Adhesive Attachments, taped over the top with the Cover Roll Stretch Tape, or just tucked into compression clothing. The Light Shields are available as an accessory in the Moxy Store.

USA Cycling Coaching Summit

We’re always happy to see Moxy get some quality podium time. Jon Tarkington of Teton Consulting gave a presentation on Near Infrared Spectroscopy and Moxy at the USA Cycling Coaching Summit in Colorado Springs over this past weekend. Many thanks to Jon for sharing his ideas and his slides. Grab the slides from his presentation.

Moxy and Golden Cheetah

We continue to see people integrating Moxy data into more and more software packages. The latest is Mark Liversedge, who is working on incorporating Moxy into the Golden Cheetah cycling software.

There will be 3 ways to get Moxy’s Muscle Oxygen data into the software:

  1. Upload a .FIT file containing Muscle Oxygen data. Software like PeriPedal and hopefully the new Garmin 920XT watch will export data in the .FIT format.
  2. Read the live ANT+ data using the Muscle Oxygen profile.
  3. Download the data directly from the Sensor using the USB cable.

Combining this functionality with Golden Cheetah software will allow cyclists to better analyze and share their Moxy data. We’re very excited to see the integration of Moxy with the Golden Cheetah community of cyclists – it offers another great example of how science can transform good ideas into practical applications that benefit real-world athletes!

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