Garmin ® Announces Gear Tracking and Group Posts for Garmin Connect ™

GEAR TRACKING: This is a nice new feature in Garmin Connect for some.

Useful to let you know when you need to replace your trainers or a tyre maybe

There is a similar feature in SportTracks and I confess to not having the time to ever really use that. Still, we are all different – this will be music to someone’s ears no doubt.

GROUP POSTS: This could be an interesting feature to help athletics/tri club members communicate and share results/workouts/plans…not looked into the details myself yet.

—————- PRESS RELEASE FOLLOWS verbatim ——————-

We’re excited to announce additional features for Garmin Connect including gear tracking and group posts. These features are available for users now in the modern view of Garmin Connect.


Gear Tracking – Users can now track the distance logged on multiple types of gear, including running shoes and cycling equipment, in Garmin Connect. Simply assign gear to an activity to keep track of wear and tear.


Group Posts – Users can communicate with members of a Garmin Connect group by posting, commenting or liking a post. Group admins can also post an announcement that displays at the top of the activity feed, and members can now set notifications to receive an alert that another member has posted a comment to the page.


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