Garmin 920XT – GLONASS vs GPS which is best and what is GLONASS anyway?

Garmin 920XT 735XT Optical ELEVATE

GLONASS is Russia’s version of GPS. It tells electronic devices where you are.

It is increasingly used in high-end SMART devices, including the new Garmin 920XT.

GLONASS is neither particularly better nor worse than GPS.

HOWEVER, when they are used TOGETHER the likelihood of accuracy *IS* increased.

It is said that using GPS+GLONASS can give accuracy down to 4.5/5m and can also improve accuracy in built-up areas; especially in the Northern Hemishpere (that’s where Russia is, right?).

Downsides: None really. Might use a tad more battery power though.

Do I really need it? It will help with tree cover and nearby tall building. It shouldn’t hurt.

Future: Europe’s Galileo system will come into action around 2020. Many chips currently enabled with GPS and GLONASS also support BDS. Increased accuracy is hopefully going to happen then.

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