Garmin 920XT 620 Interpreting Running Dynamics Data

Source: Garmin,   image.
Source: Garmin, click image to enlarge.

You can see the above info on the Garmin website and in some versions of the product manuals.

I’m not sure about the cadence info from the above table. I’ve always read that the OPTIMUM cadence was about 185 spm. So if you go ABOVE that then it may not be better. Then again I recall once looking at Mo F on youtube and counting (non scientifically) that he had a much higher spm on the last lap. Draw your own conclusions!

Source Below : is some public data I took from Steve Way on Garmin Connect.


He’s obviously a very good AG runner and this data, from memory, was from a training run. Comparing what he did with the Garmin data table you can see that your Running Dynamics by themselves might not be the sole best indicator of how good you are. (ie he is REALLY good but his stats are not perfect. Personally Iwould rather be really good than have perfect form stats!!)

However if you get nice blue lined running dynamics set of graphs and your VO2max is 75 then I reckon you’re good to go!

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4 thoughts on “Garmin 920XT 620 Interpreting Running Dynamics Data

    1. Hi Marko
      ANY ANT+ belt will work with the 920. I use a TICKR-X.
      HOWEVER to get the special RUNNING DYNAMICS then ONLY the Garmin HRM-RUN will work. This may change in the future but not imminent.
      As you know you can wear the TICKR-X and carry a 920 and a smartphone and the smartphone WAHOO app will record some of the funky stuff – but I suspect that is not what you want.

  1. yes, that running data or smoothness. i have wahoo Tickr run also. so that extra data is useable only to wahoo app. garmin needs garmin strap. heart rate is not a problem, that works.

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