First look at the MIO Fuse

MIO Fuse Review Velo

MIO Fuse Review Velo

The MIO Fuse is finally hitting the shops in the UK

Techy Agent’s Video gives us this great first look

I’ll add my detailed comments shortly in line with those on the great MIO Link

HRMs Comparison June 28th 2015AmazonUKAmazonUSA
4iiii Viiiiva V100 HRM£79.99Link$77.00Link
4iiii Viva MiniTBC
SMS Bio Sport Ear Bud£114.97Link$150.00Link
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (Hard)£29.95Link$39.60Link
Garmin HRM-RUN (Soft)£51.93Link$99.99Link
Garmin Premium (Soft)£33.07Link$42.44Link
Jabra Sport Pulse£199.95Link$174.49Link
LifeBeam Smart Helmet£99.95Link$228.00Link
MIO Fuse£95.78Link$124.00Link
MIO Link£63.94Link$79.00Link
MIO Velo£88.43Link$129.00Link
Polar H6£74.99Link$30.52Link
Polar H7£39.67Link$49.14Link
PowerTap PowerCal ANT+£80.99Link$89.95Link
PowerTap PowerCal Bluetooth£90.36Link$99.95Link
Scosche Rhythm+£83.79Link$79.95Link
Suunto Smart Belt£49.00Link$55.91Link
Under Armour Armour39$70.95Link
Wahoo TICKR£44.69Link$59.95Link
Wahoo TICKR-RUN£49.99Link$78.20Link
Wahoo TICKR-X£79.90Link$99.99Link


Here is where you can buy it online.

Here is the <official product page>.

Here is the Official promotional Youtube Video


Overall score: 84 out of 100


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