Garmin 920XT – Backing Up Data To A PC Folder / Cache

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Garmin’s data strategy is to get data from your device to Garmin Connect.

For the 920XT this is either: by Wi-Fi; by Bluetooth via your smartphone; or via a USB cable and Garmin Express.

I quite like Garmin Express and have never really had problems with it.

However I was recently a little annoyed when I discovered that Garmin Express no longer keeps a copy of FIT files on your HARD Drive. It used to keep a copy in a folder named like this: C:\Users\(username)\AppData\Roaming\Garmin\Devices\Unit ID folder\History

It now uses the folder shown here

c:\program data\garmin\CoreUpdateService\Sync\DEVICEID\UPLOAD\FIT_type_32

Garmin Express Cache Storage for 920XT

However as soon as the data is uploaded it is deleted.

No local backup 🙁

No local storage to use for SportTracks or Firstbeat ATHLETE (for me…other apps for you maybe) 🙁

However. OMB’s £5 plugin for SportTracks called the Garmin FIT Devices Plugin will access your 920XT as a Mass Storage device and then copy the data PERMANENTLY to this folder:

C:\Users\_USERID_\AppData\Local\ZoneFiveSoftware\SportTracks\3\Imported\Garmin mass storage device – Edge® 200-500-510-800-810, Forerunner® 220-620\

Sorted. That plugin also imports all the lovely special data in the FIT file. So for the 920XT it’s a good purchase.

This may all change: – that link suggests that the ‘leave a copy on your PC’ functionality SHOULD be there. Maybe it will be added.

Another option may be to use or to sync your data automatically from Garmin Connect to dropbox and hence to your PC. This has a cloud based backup as well of course. However an automated service from tapiriik has a small fee. I have not checked if the full FIT file is saved…it might only be a TCX file. (A Fit EXPORT from Garmin Connect has only recently been re-instated, I believe)


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2 thoughts on “Garmin 920XT – Backing Up Data To A PC Folder / Cache

  1. For computer-minded folk, I don’t see a need to buy an app. Once the Garmin is attached via USB, it shows up on your computer as a mass storage device. You can navigate the folders on your Garmin and drag and drop files from your Garmin to a folder of your choice on your computer and vice-versa. This is also useful for sharing workout files, since I haven’t been able to find a way to share them using Garmin Connect.

    FWIW, I upload via Wi-Fi or Smartphone, so no computer is involved. If I want the backups, I need to copy the files manually as described.

    1. it all takes time I guess automating much of it is preferable to some but not to others.

      The app I talked about is also very useful for people using sporttracks as it is the only way to get the ‘special’ data into sporttracks. If you use Wi-Fi or smartphone then you cannot update directly to sporttracks with the 920. you have to go via the online (paid for annually) app or some other means

      I have to confess I’d do what you say if I solely wanted a backup. I’d also put a shortcut on my garmin device that points to the well-nested PC folder. I’d cut the files on the device and click the shortcut and paste

      For others: drive allocation letters can change even if they are assigned to Z

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