Garmin 920XT – firmware updates for 2015?

IMG_3235Predicting firmware updates for the 920T for 2015 is tricky. Probably trickier than predicting what was going to be in the first release of the 920XT itself. I had a shot at that in my 920XT Fantasy Review and did OK. (The real review is at the top of your screen in the menus of <here is a review of the Garmin 920XT>)

The reason why predicting new firmware is tricky is as follows

  1. It’s the future and Garmin won’t tell me anything even if I ask politely :-). Uness you are subject to a NDA then you can’t get market sensitive info before investors. And even if you get it you can’t publish it.
  2. There is CONNECT IQ – much new specialist functionality has been effectively outsourced to be provided free by developers (some of it will require a fee) in the form for apps, widgets and other fancy stuff.
  3. The new EPIX and FENIX3 may take up internal resources.

With predicting what would initially be in the 920XT is was just a case really of adding up all the bits of functionality that were already there in different watches.

So here is what I think will be in the 920XT by GARMIN later in 2015 (not apps)

  1. I have a sneaky feeling we will see a TICKR-X type HRM-SWIM heart rate band. It won’t be wrist based and it won’t be optical. It will store data. Suunto do this as well. This is based on a rumour on a Garmin forum by someone else and sheer hope by me.
  2. FOOTPOD speed – deriving footpod speed is what many of us liked in the 910XT for a variety of reasons. The re-inclusion of this has been much-requested and I would imagine is not so difficult to add back in. Not trivial thought.
  3. Cycling Dynamics – as per the Edge 1000 expect something here in Q1. It’s already been announced.
  4. Swimming Workouts – this is different to the existing DRILL mode. It’s in the EPIX/FENIX3 already and just needs to be in the 920XT.
  5. We already have HR in OWS via3rd party wrist based optical HRMs (MIO Link). HR will be turned on for POOL swimming as well.
  6. Improved algorithms for GPS fix, current speed and elevation.
  7. Segments? (They are sort of now on the 920XT as part of courses).

So my guess on major announcements is

1. FIRSTLY and IMMINENTLY: Sort out integration with the VECTOR cycling dynamics across 920XT, EPIX and FENIX3.

2. SECONDLY Announce a whole new raft of swim stuff as we approach the northern Hemisphere spring. eg SWIM WORKOUTS and a new SWIM HR BAND allowing HR in pool/ows.

3. Ongoing bug fixes and minor enhancements and maybe an all-black 920XT.

For non-GARMIN stuff expect to see more devices coming to the fore. Most noteworthy that I have seen is the MOXY Muscle Oxygen Sensor. I’ve used such a device…clever.

Also expect more people to use ANT+/BLE (Bluetooth) Bridging Devices to enable watches to use signals from other vendor’s accessories. eg a Bluetooth Power Meter might well be made to work with your 920XT (eg MIO Velo)

I’ve seen Heads-Up Displays that beam swim data into your goggles (not Garmin).

So it will be interesting.

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