Factory / Reset / Restart / Reboot Garmin 920XT

In a Garmin 920XT emergency you might want to try to restart a deadish unit with the following:

a. Hold POWER BUTTON on for 15 seconds. The device should hopefully start to turn off.
c. Press but don’t hold the POWER BUTTON for a second or so  – device should turn on
d. Wait for 1st beep then release UP ARROW BUTTON
e. Wait for 2nd beep then release DOWN ARROW BUTTON

and/or fiddle with combinations of the above

There is more info in the manual: search for ‘factory’ in the manual


WHY: Recently my GPS performance was rubbish. A factory reset genuinely did immediately make the GPS track as accurate as my Edge 810.

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HEADS-UP: This Garmin link MAY help back up some settings so that you can later restore them to the resetted watch

OTHER DEVICES: This procedure may well work on other and/or later devices from Garmin

ESSENTIAL READING: Similar Instructions for master reset of Fenix 3 are <here>.

Always perform Garmin firmware updates with the USB cradle 😉

If you want to downgrade from a beta to a regular version you can do that but, as in the above scenario of a hard reset, you will lose your settings. So only do these if you need to.

IMPORTANT: If your watch is sort-of working and physically able to update firmware then upgrading to the latest OR BETA firmware might do what the reset is intended to do. And you shouldn’t lose your settings if you go to a higher firmware than your current version. Might be worth a risk, especially now that beta versions don’t really change too much important functionality.


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  1. Omg this advice was amazing. Heart broken when i seen my watch just frozen in the timer screen an unable to to anything else xxxx

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