Triathlon Running Gadgets – The new Wave: running With POWER


Well here we are. POWER. Power with running.

Most of us know that access to cycling power meters has been getting easier as prices have fallen. The number of devices at the lower end of the price range are likely to increase the accessibility to training with power for an ever-increasing market.

That is the end of the first wave.

The second wave in power based training is now starting with STRYD. Power data when running.

A Kickstarter campaign has JUST started, I believe, for the first 1000 or so devices.

The units are likely to be initially keenly priced at around GBP100. They are ANT+ and BTLE compatible.

For those who don’t know ask yourself how fast you should run into the wind when you have been trying to maintain a 4:00/km pace? Ask yourself the same question when running up an incline…or what about a steeper hill? You are asking the WRONG question instead you should ask “what power level you can continue to maintain” *

Just like with cycling, racing by power can almost fall into the realms of legalised cheating 🙂 You work out your maximum power for a standard distance (called functional threshold power, FTP) and then ‘tools’ exist for you to translate that level of power to different race distances and to different types of training session.

When used in conjunction with Speed/Pace, HR and Cadence; running with POWER adds a new and highly useful metric to your race-bag.


* Actually it’s not quite so simple but that’s broadly it

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