London: Wearable Technology Show (EXCEL) Basis Peak + biosport ear buds

IMG_3380One of the best looking stands at the show was the BASIS PEAK alongside the BIOSPORT ear HRM. Although with the backing of INTEL that’s not surprising.

The PEAK sounded a bit techie. So I might come back to re-visit that later: skin temp/perspiration, HR, waterproof, multi-day battery, great-sounding sleep metrics and Bluetooth to Android OS.

So there’s yet another place you can monitor HR from…the ear. Whilst some of us might poo-poo that to a degree, if you are a woman (or anyone else who does not like wearing chest straps) and you frequent gyms (or even not, I guess) then why not get a HR reading from the ear plugs you are going to wear anyway??

It’s not for me personally but I’m sure it will be great for very many people. Here’s a close-er up of some of these earphone – in case you didn’t know what earphones looked like 🙂





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hmmm… i hate my chest strap, but those earplugs/headset look too bulky for me! Interesting though! thanks x

Race Leader

I didn’t get a real close look but yep I’d say it’s an interesting way forwards. It’s good to share the info then everyone becomes more aware of what might be available now or soon for their specific needs.