London: Wearable Technology Show (EXCEL) Basis Peak + biosport ear buds

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IMG_3380One of the best looking stands at the show was the BASIS PEAK alongside the BIOSPORT ear HRM. Although with the backing of INTEL that’s not surprising.

The PEAK sounded a bit techie. So I might come back to re-visit that later: skin temp/perspiration, HR, waterproof, multi-day battery, great-sounding sleep metrics and Bluetooth to Android OS.

So there’s yet another place you can monitor HR from…the ear. Whilst some of us might poo-poo that to a degree, if you are a woman (or anyone else who does not like wearing chest straps) and you frequent gyms (or even not, I guess) then why not get a HR reading from the ear plugs you are going to wear anyway??

It’s not for me personally but I’m sure it will be great for very many people. Here’s a close-er up of some of these earphone – in case you didn’t know what earphones looked like 🙂





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FTC: Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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hmmm… i hate my chest strap, but those earplugs/headset look too bulky for me! Interesting though! thanks x