Epix – The latest (greatest?) Garmin hits the UK

IMG_3414The Garmin EPIX is close to release sometime soon in Q2.2015. I got my hands on one of the only 3 in the UK at the moment.

It’s a pre-production unit but a sign that good things are imminent.

This looks like a REALLY awesome addition to the Garmin stable. The looks of the 910, the trifeatures of the 920 and the outdoors stuff of the FENIX3 (and MORE)

I’ve got a few images that I am going to post over the coming days which you guys might find useful and hopefully I’ll keep the waffle to a minimum.

Less of the waffle: here is a , that shows you just how super awesome the Epix is compared to the FENIX3 and 920XT (Actually they are all kinda VERY similar in triathlon respects but outdoorsy folks and those needing more detailed maps might want to look more closely).

920 vs 910 vs fenix3 vs EPIX (Source of all data: Garmin)

Oh yes. And as you can see from the photo of the EPIX it actually looks rather nice as well.

A video ‘review’ based on pictures


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16 thoughts on “Epix – The latest (greatest?) Garmin hits the UK

  1. So please share your early impressions even if they are basic. Very keen to know about how the maps behave and can you interact with them. A video would be awesome of the feature.

    1. Awesome, I’ve actually already got mine on preorder but there’s no info out there so I’m keeping my eyes on your blog here.

      1. Same here, preordered mine a cpl weeks ago. Excited to get it, hoping it will be here before april17th becsuse i am taking a vacation where i will be hiking 🙂

      2. Sorry to be the bad news guys but i receive an email today to say that availability has been delay to mid-may. Email from my preorder from CleverTraining.


      3. hi Garmin UK say that the big US retailers get the first stock. Not sure if that includes CleverTraining??? maybe. But you guys get *ALL* the stock 🙁 . May sounds about right.

  2. Hey, you’re one of those lucky one who had a hands on that so waiting watch and the only thing you put on is an already known chart ? Come on! Let give us some first impression on how it works right now !!! ;-)))
    Thx in advance!

    1. 🙂 thanks for your comment. It’s a pre-production unit so does not work as the final version does. I don’t really get paid for all this and it takes a LOT amount of time to write some of the more detailed posts. I’ll do what I can. But to lay my opinion to rest I reckon this would be my Garmin of choice but they won’t come cheap…..(cheaper than a gold plated apple iwatch though 🙂 )

      1. Hum…
        I did’nt see a lot of real user testing the Epix right now… But the commont comment (that’s scare me a little) that it’s always mentioned it that ” it’s a pre-production unit and doesn’t work like final version”. I’m already a 920 owner and happy (most of the time) user (some goods and some lack compare to my Polar V800). But, I’ve already pre-order my Epix since i’m also a outdoor hiking company owner that would love to have the “on chart” feature of the Epix promising. So if you could give us a little info about he “mapping” feature right now, that will be a good start.

        Anyway, Thx. I’m just happy that some begin to test it and sure we will begin to know a little more on this new “not so cheap” Toys.


  3. A video preview would be nice just playing around with it because the right up sounds like a balls up.

    1. hi alan
      thank you for the comment. It’s not a write up/review. I only had access to the Epix for a short while. When I can get hold of one for longer I will devote a lot more time to writing up more about what it can and can’t do. There are reviews out there but nearly all of them were based on looking at the official features list before actually getting hold of one. You’ll be able to tell from the pictures, ie whether or not they are all stock/Garmin photos. The features comparison that I have put above at least adds some value to those thinking of the Fenix3 now or the Epix later.

  4. Any news on the usability of the topo mapping feature? Particularly, how practical is the map screen size to use in placement of a larger dedicated handheld unit and what is the zoom/panning response like (both touch screen and buttons). They are the key features I’m interested in knowing about.

    1. Can you tell us anything at all about the map implementation and functionality from your time with it?

      1. I only had a brief time with the EPIX as the event was in support of the FENIX3 launch. The screen size and resolution is OK for what it is – a watch – and the specs for that are released. If it were bigger it would be better but then it would probably take up too large a portion of your forearm. Map data was lower resolution than OS maps. My 20-30 minutes of playing with it was checking out the triathlon features and taking a few snaps. Sorry !custom maps compatible – http://www.garmin.com/us/products/onthetrail/custommaps . worldwide or TOPO U.S. 100K

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