Garmin Fenix3 – Yep…it’s here.

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IMG_3421Garmin lovers have been waiting for this for a few weeks now. The Fenix3 is shipping in the UK pretty much NOW.

Here’s one I got my hands on today. A Bunch of not too nice images are sitting in my camera but this one is pretty cool I think.

I’ll also post up over the coming days some of the more professional images that Garmin have produced themselves and other supporting literature.

This is not a replacement for the 920XT. It has pretty much all the same triathlon features and more. It is the newer version (obviously) of the Fenix2…however some features have been stripped out in the Fenix3. So check that all the features you want are there before upgrading. My understanding is that many of these stripped out features will be added back into the Q2 release of the (rectangular face) EPIX.

The FENIX 3 comes in 3 versions. The Sapphire is top of the range and comes with a super hard sapphire glass and 2x straps – one metal one rubber/plastic/sporty. they’re otherwise the same but the metal circular bevel differs slightly from model to model. Again pics to follow.

I like them both. Very nice looking.

Here are the features of the FENIX3 – 920XT and EPIX … choose wisely.

920 vs 910 vs fenix3 vs EPIX (Source of all data: Garmin)
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