MOXYMONITOR: Further positive movement with the Garmin IQ Apps platform

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Momentum is picking up in the Garmin IQ/Apps Store. A great example is the MOXY app.

A great addition to the Fenix 3 for aspiring Age Group athletes. The MOXY MONITOR essentially measures what’s going on INSIDE the muscle when exercising – detecting, for example, signs of fatigue. Similar to those of you who know about Lactate Levels – except there you would usually be using HR as a proxy for lactate.

this sort of device would historically have been used in sports labs but available to you and me!

—— Press release follows ——————

Moxy and Garmin Updates

The exciting announcements keep coming. Garmin has launched ConnectIQ watch apps for their ForeRunner 920XT, VivoActive, and Fenix3 watches.  We’ve known for some time that this was coming and now it’s ready to go. This is a huge improvement for using Moxy with a Garmin watch. The ConnectIQ system allows the watch to read muscle oxygen data directly rather than having to borrow another channel.

In other news, the Moxy App is now in the Garmin App store.  It displays SmO2, THb, Heart Rate, Speed, Distance, Cadence and Power.  It also shows a graph of SmO2 and THb measurements live on the watch face, and has alarms for high and low SmO2, which can be used for guiding interval training or weight lifting. Here’s the best part: the apps are fully customizable, so let us know what additional features you’d like to see on the watch, and we will get on it.

New Moxy Firmware

We have a new version of Moxy firmware and a new version of the Moxy PC App ready to download.  There are a handful of very nice usability features in this update:

  • We’ve added a battery charge indicator on the Moxy Sensor itself.  If you do a short click on the power button when the Sensor is turned on or off, the green LED will blink 4, 3, 2, 1, or 0 times to indicate fully charged to nearly dead.
  • When you do the short click, the yellow light will blink if the Sensor is turned on, and it won’t blink if the Sensor is off.  This is useful if you’ve already taped the Sensor down and you don’t remember if it’s on or off.
  • The Sensor time will auto sync with display devices when it pairs. This is for use with the ConnectIQ system since it doesn’t yet store the Muscle Oxygen data in the FIT file on the watch.  This auto-syncing feature will make it easier to bring the data together when it’s downloaded.
  • The Moxy PC App will make a separate FIT file for every data collection session.  A session is defined as the time from when the Sensor is turned on until it’s turned off. So if you do 3 workouts on 3 days, you will get 3 separate FIT files when you download the data rather than just 1 big one.
  • We’ve changed the smoothing of the THb values so it’s always the same as the SmO2 smoothing.  It the past, the THb had no smoothing and the SmO2 smoothing was determined by the update rate selection. This should help make the THb graphs easier to read.

For those of you who don’t want to wait for the released version of Golden Cheetah with Moxy functionality, there is a development build here that can download data stored on the Moxy Sensor and read live Moxy data via ANT+.

If you haven’t been on the forum in a while, now is a great time to check it out. There are some really interesting discussions on using Moxy to help with stroke volume training going on near the end of this thread. I’m sure they’ll inspire you to Train with Moxy!!!

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Just a heads-up for Moxy Monitor users, today software announced the integration of data from the Moxy Monitor: