Polar Updates: Schedule updates on the upcoming feature releases

Some slight delays to Polar’s firmware and software updates. Some nice swim stuff still planned for Q2.2015.

—————– Polar Press Release follows verbatim ———————–

We know you’ve been anxiously waiting for the upcoming updates which we have given you a sneak peak earlier. However, as you know we faced some unexpected challenges after the New Year’s which, to be honest, gave us the chills too. Now the situation is that the growing user base requires us to upgrade our hosting and data infrastructure. This upgrade also helps to improve the stability of our services. Unfortunately, this change and the earlier faced challenges will have an effect on some of the schedules we have provided earlier.  For instance, the Training Programs for runners will need to be postponed – sorry to say. The target is to have the Programs to your use during Q3.

Another feature we know all of our polarpersonaltrainer.com and ProTrainer 5 users have been eagerly waiting is the training history export from polarpersonlatrainer.com and Pro Trainer 5 to Flow. Along with the new schedules, these are targeted to be released during Q3.

However, we’ve been working really hard with the long-awaited swimming metrics for outdoor swimming and we’re happy to say the target to bring this feature out to you is during Q2.  Other earlier promised features are still on schedule, so be sure to stay tuned at Polar updates to hear about them first!

Sorry postaus kuva

We understand how important these new features are to you, and we’re truly sorry that we weren’t able to reach our release date targets. We’ll do all we can to keep these new targets

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