HRV App: Garmin 920XT IQ

Source: Sharkbait_au (developer)

Source: Sharkbait_au (developer)

A nice (free) app on the Garmin IQ store/ Works on the 920XT and other new models.


Based on a quick morning reading with an aid to guide your breathing.

Still more work to be done but a great start and potentially one of the most useful Garmin IQ Apps.


Get your firmware on your device up to date then you can download <here>.

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Hi, great app. Which algorithm do you use to calculate HRV? rmssd?

Race Leader

it’s not my app sorry !! however, yes it will use RMSSD.

Darragh Kitt (@darraghk)

Do I need to enable HRV before I use this Garmin IQ app. I saw it on your other post here