Latest Garmin HR HRM Chest Strap History

Here is an image of the new Garmin HR strap 2014/2015. You can see a very different style.


The PODS look the same (they appear to be).

The top one is the ‘original’ / ‘Classic’HR hard strap (Part Number: 010-10997-00 aka HRM1) and the one below it the ‘premium soft strap’ (HRM3).

The third is the HRM-RUN pod on the subsequent iteration of strap.

And the fourth is the latest strap: part number 010-10997-07 or 08 (HRM-RUN)


You can see the difference of the construction on the front from the first image and the second photo shows the new 010-10997-08 at the top with additional sensing areas to each side.

So battery life will not have changed as the pod appears to be the same. So we can assume that the new strap either performs better and more reliably (ie reduced spikes/dropouts) and/or last longer.

Only time will tell.

Might the new strap supports super-new functionality from a revamped HRM-RUN? as yet to be released? Cached data for swimming. TBH I’ve no idea but I hope so.

I you are really interested in product codes then there appear to be 9 iterations from 010-10997-00 to 010-10997-08 I was only aware of 4 iterations but then again I don’t eat sleep and dream heart rate monitors 🙂 It’s probably to do with combinations of strap and pod.

Be wary about product codes on the net, they appear to be incorrect in some cases.

For completeness there is a price comparison below and the following image I think is for the HRM2 – you don’t want this one. Note the strap end join onto the pod. This was the version AFTER the hard strap but WORSE IMvHO.


Edit: 2015 Now there are the HRM4-SWIM and HRM4-TRI and HRM4-RUN. SWIM and TRI add caching of HR whereas RUN and TRI add new running dynamics and performance readiness.







HRMs Comparison April 23rd 2015Amazon Price
4iiii Viiiiva V100 HRM£79.99Link
4iiii Viva MiniTBC
Bio Sport Ear Bud£114.97Link
Garmin Heart Rate Monitor (Hard)£29.95Link
Garmin HRM-RUN (Soft)£51.93Link
Garmin Premium (Soft)£33.07Link
Jabra Sport Pulse£199.95Link
LifeBeam Smart Helmet£99.95Link
MIO Fuse£107.93Link
MIO Link£63.94Link
MIO Velo£99.00Link
Polar H6£74.99Link
Polar H7£39.67Link
PowerTap PowerCal ANT+£80.99Link
PowerTap PowerCal Bluetooth£87.36Link
Scosche Rhythm+£73.09Link
Suunto Smart Belt£46.85Link
Wahoo TICKR£42.99Link
Wahoo TICKR-RUN£49.99Link
Wahoo TICKR-X£79.90Link

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Nice writeup. I find that my *new* soft strap on my 910 goes dead after about an hour on the bike from too much sweat. The original strap seems to work fine though.


great overview!

PM Arcand

Quick question, do you think we can swap de HRM Run pod to with the premium strap ? I guess it will still be working, if they haven’t change the width of the pins.


would the Classic’HR hard strap work with the fenix 3 HR and allow a stress test and HRV?