CurranzHealth CurraNZ BLACKCURRANTS performance : 2 PBs on one day!

Source: @CurraNZ
Source: @CurraNZ

On Monday I had my first trial go of the blackcurrant tablets from @CurranzHealth.

On a totally non-scientific basis I was super-impressed.

I used the currant tab (90 mins before) alongside caffeine tabs (1hour before) and a beet-it shot (1 hour before)

1. 800m pool PB by 5 seconds. OK I’m not the world’s best swimmer but I’ll take 5 seconds off any PB any day. I think I could have gone faster but I didn’t give it all over the last 50 or so.

2. Segment cycling PB in the same evening over 1km. I normally do this as 2x 1km out and back with a rest of about 5 mins in between to iron out the gradient and any wind factors. However on this particular day I just did the one way run and the wind was from the side and virtually non-existent in any case. I’m supposedly tapering for a race! Never mind. I’m now top of the segment leaderboard with 51 km/h and I think that was the first time I’d done more than 50 km/h in either direction. Full race kit as was the previous PB, tyres a bit low on the pressure if anything and the bike not especially lubed up. I tried the same thing last week and noticed on Monday less of a lactate burn towards the end.

And I was not feeling too well AND I was fatigued from some fairly fast sprints over the weekend. Although not too much to be fair.

Blackcurrants? Taste a whole lot better than beetroot (as I say I used both).

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