Microsoft BAND is here BANDTASTIC, looking sexy

Le Microsoft Band est arrivee
Le Microsoft Band est arrivee

Ahead of a more detailed review I’ve just unwrapped my Microsoft Band ahead of tomorrow’s launch when everyone can get to play too.

First superficial impressions?

  • Looks AWESOME
  • Extremely intuitive setup
  • Requires virtually no user input to get setup
  • What I have seen of the interface is super-intuitive
  • Not yet looked at all the pretty graphs

Oh, the title was the BAND looking sexy, not me 🙂

I’ll be writing back with some OPTICAL HR comparisons to other products and with a bit more of a look into the SPORTS side of the BAND’s functionality. Only part of what it should be able to do of course. It has voice interaction and a UV light sensor as an indication of some of the potentially ground breaking goodies contained.

Note to self: This deserves a better photo
Note to self: This deserves a better photo

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