HR accuracy of Microsoft band

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IMG_3544I’ve just finished a rather sweaty indoor bike/turbo session. Sweaty because today is hot, it was an endurance session going into Z3/Z4 at times (if that means anything to you, if not it means ‘fairly hard’).

I had the Microsoft BAND in ‘bike’ mode (silly really as there wasn’t much of a GPS signal indoors 🙂 ).

Anyway, the purpose was to see how the HR tracked to a high quality Garmin HR Chest Strap.

Well, non scientifically, they tracked to within 1bpm of each other for the whole hour regardless of level or sweat. I got up to just over 167bpm in a few sprints at the end but I was only really looking at both HRs up to the 160bpm mark.

Over the coming days I will be doing a bit more of a detailed analysis to verify this but it looks good so far.

EDIT: Some real world tests not as good.

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