Micore Fitness – A different core workout for your home.

Source: MiCore
Source: MiCore

I was asked to review the MiCore home fitness device that is currently raising funds on Kickstarter.

I don’t normally do this sort of thing but I had just been caught off-guard having returned home from a rather boring gym session.

It’s basically a motivational tool for home exercise use. You have to reach to press a button on each rep of a specific exercise. It could be like in the picture or it could be a twisting situp or whatever you want. You can also use it to test reaction times.

It’s small and easily stowed away and will cost about £75. It’s a nice idea, perhaps a tad over priced but not by too much. It’s easy to assemble, and learn to use. I would say that the construction is a little plasticy but then I suppose that is the way of the world. My initial problem was that the buttons seemed not to press properly. That was because I had not properly tightened the head unit to the supporting ‘pole’.

Here are what the inventors say:

MiCore enables an all over workout with a series of predetermined programs that provoke the user to work the muscles while overcoming the boredom typically associated with performing repetitive exercises. Explore your competitive side as you try to beat yourself and the computer with this motivational core challenge machine. Just like a real personal trainer, it motivates you with its entertaining and challenging light-reactor programmes. React to the lights, perform an exercise and touch the correct button to score. You’ll feel your competitive nature come to life as you try to beat MiCore or your previous score. The machine also stores your favourite programme, so you can try to beat your best results. MiCore enables you to benefit from tangible feedback on how your core fitness is progressing.

I’d agree with that. If it sparks your fancy then buy one, I guess it’s not for everyone: other than water, what is?

Here’s how you use it in a bit more videographic detail:

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