April Giveaway – Top-of-the-Range Epson Running Watch – RUNSENSE SF-810 Optical HR + GPS

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runsense_sf_810b.png[1]**THIS COMPETITION IS NOW CLOSED**


The kind people at Epson are giving away an EPSON RUNSENSE SF-810.

This is a top-of-the-range running watch and I reviewed the exact one . It’s a great running watch.

The RUNSENSE SF-810 is a feature-packed unit of high construction quality, if has an accurate OPTICAL HR sensor, inbuilt GPS and a good battery life.


You can enter once through EACH of the following channels:

  1. Leave a comment below on the5krunner.com answering “How I will use the RUNSENSE SF-810 Running Watch” https://the5krunner.com/2015/04/20/april-giveaway-top-of-the-range-epson-running-watch-runsense-sf-810-optical-hr-gps/
  2. Leave a comment on the accompanying Facebook post answering “How I will use the RUNSENSE SF-810 Running Watch” https://www.facebook.com/the5krunner
  3. Reply to this tweet answering “How I will use the RUNSENSE SF-810 Running Watch” https://twitter.com/the5krunner/status/590156340338667520
  4. Retweet this tweet

ie You can enter 4 times and other family members can do the same.

Whichever method(s) you use there must be a way to get in contact with you afterwards.

The last entry accepted will be Midnight on 30th April 2015.

Comments that do not attempt to answer the question “How I will use the RUNSENSE SF-810 Running Watch” will be muted.

Epson will choose the winning entry method (eg twitter or facebook) and then will randomly select a winner and the winner should receive the device in early May 2015. The device has been used by me and will come in the original box with the original charger. UK DELIVERY ADDRESS ONLY.

May 2015 Giveaway: We hope to have something interesting to give away in May as well.

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I would like to use the EPSON RUNSENSE SF-810 to prepare for my first marathon – hopefully I will do it this Fall.


I will use it to smash my Ironman Marathon this year! bike for show, run for dough!

Jim Files (@jsfiles)

I’d use the watch as I return to running following injury — or maybe I’d give it to my wife as she tackles her first 10K in years.


I’d use the watch to sell on eBay, whilst I continue to use my superb Timex Ironman watch

Chris L

I’d use the watch to see if it could replace my chunky Garmin…


If I won this epson Watch- with its Data and its GPS, I’d train as if I was top notch- to surely make awesome progress, and it looks much better than a swatch- so I hope I manage to impress!

Tony Stark

I will use the RUNSENSE SF-810 Running Watch to encourage my 2 daughters to learn to improve their running using accurate pace and distance info.

Ken W Christensen

I will use the Runsense SF-810 Running watch to track my 1000 miles for 2015


I would use it for all my slow running, to make sure I kept within a nice low heart rate range. The straps are always too big for my chest, so not having to tuck a heart rate monitor into my bra would be a bonus 🙂


To slow pace for the Birmingham half and race the Leicester half the following weekend.


I would use it to replace my wife’s ghetto fossil watch and say that I used my man cave fund to purchase it to win brownie points. She should have no excuse to train for the next race with me!

wilfred Stuckless



I would use it replace my ageing Garmin which always goes wrong in the rain or when I get sweaty.


I’d use it to track my hillwalking activities. I find it a hassle to put on my heart rate strap on hillwalks (I need to wet it and use electrode gel for good measurements), so a HRM on my wrist would be ideal.


This would be nice for my sons bd.

thomas rusinak

wear the watch as a fashion statement


I ‘ll used the RUNSENSE SF-810 Running Watch for run in the mountain.Thanks


I’ll be using it to keep track of my training while I totally start over as a runner, recovering from a debilitating case of ITBS. A new watch would be awfully fitting for a new start!


I will use the RUNSENSE SF-810 to take my fitness to the next level. Amateur runner looking to get eat, sleep, run, repeat in style with THE ultimate gadget. Let me show the world what it’s made off 😉


I will be giving it if I win to my Grand son-in-law as he is training for a marathon. It would be of great help to him I am sure.

Cheryl Barry

I would love this for my daughter in her quest for a healthier lifestyle


Getting into running, gotta watch the heartrate!


I’d use the Epson RUNSENSE SF-810 running watch to pace my training runs so that I would hit a new 5k PB!


Run as far as possible (as long as battery lasts)…

Tina F

I would use it for my speed walking .I do not own any so it would be great


Running, running, running


I will compare the precision of the optical cardio with a traditional chest strap.

Michael Zielinski

I would like to try this one


I will use it to keep feeding my activity tracking addiction with a better watch than my current 910XT. I am very excited about the non-HR strap HR tracking. Could use it in bed to track my calories burnt there with my fiancé for example 🙂

Heather Hiles

I would use the EPSON RUNSENSE SF-810 to just start working out and get fitter after a time of illness as I have been unable to be as mobile as I used to.

chloe brill

Lovely comp

chloe brill

I would use it try out running for the first time

keren mary curran

when i am running everday after a long stressful day at work


WOW, I would use it to keep pace of my heart rate. Wow, prize watch is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me!


I would use the espon to keep training for my half marathon without the hassle of HR strap.

Anders Backman

I would use the Runsense for wheelchair racing. It would be very interesting to try the cadence feature since stride sensors doesn’t work when you don’t use your legs.


I would use the SF-810 as my main running watch to replace my Garmin. I run at least 10h a week (60+ mpw) so I am really looking forward to a) not to have to charge my watch all the time b) better tracking accuracy and c) last but not least integrated HR! This is the runner’s running watch I’ve been waiting for!


I would use the SF-810 to replace my Nike+ gps & get rid of my heart rate strap! Use if for training for 10K’s & half marathon’s I have planned this year!!


I will use it to better prepare for what could be my last marathon. I’ve done six, but my first was my fastest. It was fifteen years ago but I think I could beat it if I train well.
If I can’t get close then these running shoes are going into storage.


I am a 6th grader who broke the running record. I have always loved running. I think it is a very good sport. It keeps you active and healthy. I will use this watch to help myself become a better runner. When I am older I also plan on doing the Detroit Marathon and a traitholan this watch will help me achive that. I know this watch will be one of my the best things that will ever happen in my running carrier.