29% Promotional Discount Code for CURRANZ performance and recovery tablets

Love & Marriage :: CURRANTS & BEET

Love & Marriage :: CURRANTS & BEET

You can read in quite a bit more detail here in my ‘review’ of CURRANZ tablets what I think about CURRANZ (nice things I hasten to add). FWIW I use them and I think they work to enhance performance and I’m sure they work to enhance recovery. As the image implies I use them WITH BEET-IT.

Promotional Discount Code is 5KRUNNER on the curranz website, this should give you 29% off  throughout rest of 2017(please let me know if the code is not working, I will fix). Enjoy !

I receive no money for providing you with this discount but I do get the occasional free packet of tablets to fuel my performance-improving sport habit :-). Buy a pack with 2x friends and share the 30 tabs so that you have 10 each – that’s then the price of a few lucozade sports and I bet it will make at least one of you faster. What have you go to lose? 15 seconds over 5k 🙂 Or share with 30 of you in a large rugby squad…do the maths..a pound each for less painful limbs the next day perhaps 🙂

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5 thoughts on “29% Promotional Discount Code for CURRANZ performance and recovery tablets

    • hi john. yes i knew it had expired. actualyl was thinking about this before my run earlier today. Let me get hold of Fleur@curranz and ask her what she wants to do. they asked me to stop the promo when it clashed with some of their promos. that probably has changed now.
      edit: fleur is away until 8 oct. so will take a while to get back to you

        • hi john the code is active: 5KRUNNER
          apparently it is the BEST deal on offer anywhere.
          The discount is all to you guys , I don’t make a penny out of it
          any purchase through the amazon links on the right hand bar would be appreciated – some kind person did their entire Christmas shopping that way last year (well…at least I had a dream about that 😉 )

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