Another race, another curranz, another pb

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Love & Marriage :: CURRANTS & BEET

It’s getting a bit boring and I sense a trend forming.

Another tri-PB on Sunday aided, probably, by @curranz. Training hard probably helped too of course.

The run was a bit disappointing but the beauty of triathlon is that even if you lose in one discipline there’s always potential to make it up elsewhere (or a better performance elsewhere causing the later discipline to be not as hoped). Anyway a motivational start to the season.

OSMO Nutrition
OSMO Nutrition

Felt great after the race but lots of water didn’t seem to stop me feeling dehydrated. Back to OSMO Nutrition’s ACTIVE HYDRATION. It seems to help and always makes me feel more hydrated (and wee less). Actually I felt a bit thirsty coming out of the water so I probably could have done with a bit better hydration before and during (none!!) the race as well. I’m not a morning person.

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