SWIMMO – move over Garmin in the water

Swimmo Basic 08

How about an affordable swim watch?

How about one that does accurate optical heart rate

How about feedback on swim-performance whilst you swim by vibrations?

How about a SWIMMO?

I’ll keep you updated as I get more info but in the meantime here is their kickstarter campaign: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/swimmo/swimmo-the-ultimate-swimmers-smartwatch-improving

——–Press release from SWIMMO below —————————-

Swimmo Basic 01A campaign by Polish start-up Swimmo (based in Poznań/Greater Poland), promoting their smartwatch and personal swimming coach, has now reached $100,000 on the biggest crowdfunding platform in the world: Kickstarter.com. Eclipsing its funding goal of $39,000 Swimmo is proving there’s a real demand for swimming trackers in the market. The device is intended both for people who want to keep fit and those who want to improve their body shape and stay in good health. For the next 14 days keep an eye on Swimmo’s official Kickstarter page to see exactly how much they can accumulate.   Swimmo features an innovative sensor that enables heartbeat recognition directly from the swimmer’s wrist. On the basis of user’s activity, the watch may communicate messages such as „slow down”, „keep the pace”, or „speed up” (IntensityCoach™ and PaceKeeper™ technologies). During the training, the device communicates with the user through vibrations of variable frequency.   Apart from the swimmer’s heartbeat, Swimmo measures the distance, pace, amount of calories burned as well as the time spent in water. It syncs the results with a dedicated mobile app so that users can compare and aim to improve. The smartwatch also allows for sharing the results in social media and on popular sports websites, including RunKeeper.com. Additionally, when being out of the pool, it serves as a designer sports watch displaying current date and time.   Swimmo is a very intuitive device. All the features are handled with Rotate&Tap™ technology using two simple hand gestures: rotating the wrist (select menu options) and tapping the display (confirm). The watch has been featured with an energy saving Bluetooth 4.0 module to communicate with an app for Android and iOS smartphones. The device’s interface is displayed on a full-color OLED screen adapted to work under water. Now that the funding goal has been reached, Swimmo intends to reach its backers as early as October 2015. The device will be available with a charging clip.

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