Running Mystery? What is ZOI?


Strange orange pods have been appearing on shoes all over Scandinavia.

What is Zoi?

Is Zoi a mirror-image/miss-capitalised version of iOS? Perhaps some Apple-inspired piece of itech wizardry?

Well no. As any of you who have followed this site will know ZOI is RUNTEQ‘s running pods. And before you say “What another cadence meter?” I’d quickly point out that ZOI looks like it will be your new running coach analysing your sways and bumps and then, importantly, telling you what to do about it.

Despite being quite clever, there are a few other start-ups trying to do similar things, one reason I like this is because Zoi is attempting to do more than just tell you how much you bounce or wiggle. The application itself interprets your results and tells you what to do about it. Think about that. It is QUITE different to, for example, Garmin’s Vertical Oscillation or Ground Contact Time or simply Cadence – it TELLS YOU how to correct whatever fault or deficiency Zoi thinks you have.

Whether the Zoi’s advice is correct remains to be seen. However at around GBP100 it could be a great way of getting a personalised run-coach.

If you’ve been training for quite a while you may well have plateaud. One way to climb up off that plateau is to become more efficient through better technique. Zoi beckons.

Shipping Q3.2015

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