Polar Flow goes STRAVA (Finally !…later :-( )




—————————– Press Release Polar —————

All those passionate Polar cycling and running fans out there!  Now it’s time to listen up! During the Alpe d’Huez cycling event in France we revealed the plans for integration with Strava. This connectivity between Strava and Polar Flow will become available at the end of October 2015. So then it’s finally possible to easily share your rides and runs with your buddies at Strava as well! After you have connected your Flow account to Strava, all your training sessions which are synced to Polar Flow will automatically transfer to Strava as well. We’ll let you know more about the practical details closer to the release date, so make sure you stay tuned! Meanwhile, while we’re keeping ourselves busy with the integration, you can use the export function in Flow to export your training sessions from Flow to Strava  Check out how it’s done from here.

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lets hope they sort their ‘niggles’ out first! I LOVE my M400 but the niggles with it and the FlowSync are less than pleasing.


Niggles I find a quite lovely charmimg description, for that how bad the syncing of the M400 works for me. I have to (wireless) sync up to 5 times to get it done.

Race Leader

the M400 has a personality. I’m playing with one at the moment. whenever I touch it the syncing works perfectly whenever a fellow m400-player-around-with touches it it doesn’t sync via Bluetooth!
do you have 1.5 firmware?


Yeah, I’m up do date with everything (Flow on Android, flowSync on Mac and Firmware on watch).