Samsung SIMBAND – Proper Health & Sports Tracking?

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Source: Telegraph
Source: Telegraph

Samsung today announced the SIMBAND.

Features were stated to include at least the following:

  • heart rate
  • blood flow
  • respiration
  • galvanic skin response
  • hydration
  • gas and glucose concentrations blood
  • substances carried in the surrounding air

Along with today’s GOOGLE announcement (similar but less close to market) this probably marks the start of the next round of the SMARTWATCH war.

The technologies alluded to here appear more advanced than marketleader FITBIT, who must be now concerned about the possibility of losing market share in this large and growing market.

The sensor array, although hidden in use, looks a bit ridiculous. However, coincidentally linking to an earlier post of mine today on optical HR accuracy, the multitude of the HR related sensors imply the potential of high level HR accuracy to Heart Rate Variability (HRV) levels. Indeed that would be needed (probably) to meet the above claims to measure RESPIRATION for example (breath per minutes is calculated from HRV).

This all seems to make Apple Inc look a little premature in releasing the under-specified Apple WATCH recently.

I might come back to look at this more later. In the short term I suspect medical uses will be discussed more widely than sport uses as that may well be a more lucrative market.

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