Segments on the Garmin 920XT & 910XT – surely not?

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You Judge

Segments on the 920XT and 910XT?

It seems that segment start and end alerts are indeed on the Garmin 920XT – at least when they are part of a course. Nice one Tim

and also the 910XT – thank you Mil (below see comments).


Being a bit of a Strava addict, have been curious to know if the 920 could support segments in any way. So I tried today…

You may well have found that you can’t send a segment on its own to the 920 like you can with the higher end Edge devices. However I have heard that if you create a course that includes some segments that the segments do show up.

Indeed this is true!

I setup some segments on the route of a bike ride I was about to do and then created a course that effectively connected them up. Did this all in GC.

I then did “Do Course” and set off. As I soon as I joined the course, the map page showed the distance to the first segment. When I got to the segment start an “alert” page came saying was on it and the distance to go changed to that of the end of the segment. At the end of the segment another alert page came up saying that had finished it and then the distance on the map page changed to the distance to the start of the next segment. And so on…

So effectively the start and end of the segments are added as course points – like you can add manually say with Garmin Training Center (although curiously not in GC AFAIK).

Unfortunately you don’t get any performance data (unlike on Edge devices) but as a prompt say to start/end an effort on a segment interval session seemed like it would work well.

Downside of course is the amount of effort required to first create segments (often as replicas of Strava ones) and then a course to join them up.


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6 thoughts on “Segments on the Garmin 920XT & 910XT – surely not?

  1. these are garmin segments (which nobody cares about) though if i understand Tim correctly. to get strava segment alerts (which more people care about) you have to replicate the segments in gc first. bit of a pain…

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