Mo Farah’s Typical Weekly Training Schedule

Mo FarahBelow is Mo’s apparent typical training week from ‘training a runner’ (Source, below). You can see he is hitting the miles to boost his aerobic efficiency and technical running skill

Of particular interest to many of you will be his relatively sparing use of quality speedwork. WHEN he does such speedwork he aims to be well-recovered in order to do them as hard as possible. Going into such sessions fatigued will compromise performance.

He has one strength & conditioning session a week. I am surprised about that and would have thought he would do more. It probably depends on the specific part of the training cycle he is in.

It’s also not clear if this ‘typical week’ is supporting his moves towards distances longer than 5k/10 or if it was his typical 5k training week from years-gone-by (I don’t think it is).


AM: 10-mile recovery run (6:00min/mile pace … or about 4mins per km!)
PM: 6-mile recovery run



AM: 4-mile warm-up run; 8-12 mile tempo run anywhere from 4:40 to 5:00min/mile pace (depending on altitude and terrain); 3-mile cool-down run
NOON: Strength and conditioning session (1 hour)
PM: 6-mile recovery run


AM: 12-mile recovery run, followed by a massage.
PM: 5-mile recovery run


AM: 11-mile recovery run
PM: 5-mile recovery run


AM: 4-mile warm-up jog; 10x200m intervals (with 200m recovery jogs) on grass in 29 seconds each rep; 10x200m hill sprints at equal effort, walk back down to recover; 4-mile cool-down run.
NOON: Strength and conditioning session (1 hour)
PM: 4-miles easy


AM: 11-mile recovery run, massage
PM: 6-mile recovery run


AM: 22-27 miles, no slower than marathon race pace + 1 minute (for Mo, this means 5:40min/mile)

Total: 126-135 miles per week

ESSENTIAL READING: Mo Farah’s technique analysed in slow motion by Kinetic Revolution (on this site)


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