Polar now firing on all cylinders

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July has seen Polar announcing more significant changes, marking it’s increasingly certain position in the wearables/sports watch market. The V800 is now good to go in open water swimming. A few weeks late for the start of the season but there’s plenty of racing time to go for that in 2015. There’s outdoor swimming metrics as shown here.

Polar FLOW is now a fully fledged and properly released product. It’s no longer classed as beta. Interestingly it was there for us all to use in beta and was there for quite some time. Personally I found their beta software more stable than others’ software that had been released for years.

Finally one minor hole in FLOW has been fixed with the addition of the ability to add manual training sessions. Many software packages allow that in one form or other. The still-missing part from Polar is that you can’t add any heart rate info. This is surprising from Polar as many of their calculations rely on HR data – for example training Effect/Load.


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