* NEW * Garmin 920XT :: 2015 Model black grey gray silver

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Source: Garmin (Spain) Cropped

Along with today’s announcement of a 2x new Garmin HRMs for water usage (HRM-SWIM HRM-TRI) and the caching of HR data we get the glimpse of a rather nice-looking new model of the 920XT.

It looks to only be initially available as a bundle with the new HRMs. The image above is cropped from that.

This is the sort of product strategy that is expected. It is a way of generating extra revenues from an existing ‘product form’. Effectively it extends the product’s life as well as the margin available from it.

My credit card is already twitching in anticipation. IMO it looks great.

I moaned about the colours (as did many others) and previously suggested that a black/grey model would increase sales of the Garmin 920XT and perhaps also increase the sales of any upcoming 925XT/930XT. We shall see.

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