Review: Wahoo TICKR-X Heart Rate Monitor

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This is a feature-rich, dual band heart rate monitor. It has a nice iOS/Android app as well as another Wahoo app – the 7 minute workout for strength and conditioning. It’s waterproof for swimming, can cache data and it can provide lots of clever metrics saying how much your bounce or sway as well as giving you your cycling- or running-cadence (app-only)!

Positives: You can use it with just about any modern app or watch. I use it as my Garmin-HRM, my early morning iOS HRV HRM and my swimming caching HRM. It has a ‘status light’ on it as well as the ability to configure what it does when you tap it. It’s great that it caches the data and great too that the strength and conditioning app fulfils a part of your training regime that many of the watchmakers neglect.

Negatives: It feels a little less substantial than the Garmin, Suunto and 4iiii alternatives. Being diplomatic, it comes from a certain ‘aesthetic angle’. All the ‘special’ data metrics are tied into to the Wahoo app; only HR can be exported from the WAHOO data ecosystem. It can’t send VO + GTC + Cadence to the Garmin watches. It seems to use batteries fairly quickly for a HRM.

Comments: I was blown away with this product when it was released and yet still new functionality trickles out from the developers. Impressive. The ANT+ HRV data is suspect. If only the Wahoo Fitness app would allow the export of swim-cached HRV data then I would be data-fulfilled. Wahoo tend to lend more of an ear to the cycling world. However I fully expect the TICKR-X to evolve over time – hopefully through firmware released rather than yet another new strap that you need to buy. If they configured it so that it could compete with the Garmin HRM-RUN on a feature-for-feature basis it would sell even more. The TICKR-X may have it’s work cut out for it as Suunto introduce app-based caching and Garmin introduce swimming HRMs.

Alternatives: This link covers some alternatives.

Detailed Review: This link covers my detailed review of the WAHOO TICKR-X.

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