Duathlon Training: An example of a week’s training

Source: tri247.com

Source: tri247.com

This is an example of a week of duathlon training for a high-performing, middle-aged, Age Group duathlete with a good chance of a National Duathlon medal. Some detail has been edited out for the sake of brevity – for example the details of specific weight exercises and warmup/cool down, which is always assumed.

The week has been tailored to build on work in previous weeks. It’s a late-stage build week in winter and is biased towards improving the athlete’s weak points, with this athlete we often work on 10-day cycles incorporating more recovery/adaptation if needed.

Monday (S&C, Run):

AM: 45-60 min Strength & Conditioning (higher reps 8x, lower weights 70%max than last week – FYI: Glutes, calves, quads, core focussed)

PM Optional: 45-60min Z1 run based on HR, dependent on HRV. Varied terrain.

Tuesday (Bike):

AM: 15′ drills including – high cadence and one-legged pedalling.

  • 10′ (2RI)@ 270w, 95 rpm, aero
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 320w
  • 5′ (3RI) @ >340w, c100rpm
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 300w, 95 rpm, aero
  • 5′ (3RI) @ >340w, c100rpm
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 320w
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 270w, 90 rpm, aero
  • PM: Optional 30′ recovery run.

Wednesday (Run)

  • Optional bike 10′-30′ Z1/Easy @>100rpm then straight into
  • 6-10x strides then
  • 2×20′ @ 3:45/km, 5′ RI  then
  • 10′ as best you can cap at max Z4 HR

Thursday (Bike)

  • 60′ easy Z1 based on power, aero, >4’RI then
  • 3’@350w 2′ RI then
  • 3’@<300w <80rpm (include standing)
  • Further Optional 30’ light stretching/rolling


Complete Rest

Saturday (Run)

  • Plyometric Drills 15-30′, and 4-6x strides.
  • 20’ Z1 (based on HR)
  • 5×5’ @>3:25/km, 2-4’ RI
  • Optional (PM) 30′ easy recovery run, Z1.

Sunday (Bike, Run)

  • Bike: 4x [10′ Z2 (based on HR) + 5′ Z3] @>90rpm then
  • Run: 30′ easy Z1-Z2 (based on HR)


Complete Rest

NB: Follow somebody else’s plan at your peril ! Your training must be based on what YOU can achieve NOT what somebody else can achieve.

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Is this an extract or copied from somewhere?

I’ve been searching for duathlon training plans a lot and it’s hard to find anything at all. best thing seems to be to take triathlon plans and remove the swimming session

Race Leader

Hi Tom. There are free duathlon plans on this site. Look at the menus and all will quickly be revealed. I train duathletes and runners. This article is kind of an extract from one particular person’s plan for one week. Generic plans will not properly address YOUR limiters. A generic plan is fine if you are aiming to finish a certain race distance.