Duathlon Training: An example of a week’s training

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This is an example of a week of duathlon training for a high-performing, middle-aged, Age Group duathlete with a good chance of a National Duathlon medal. Some detail has been edited out for the sake of brevity – for example the details of specific weight exercises and warmup/cool down, which is always assumed.

The week has been tailored to build on work in previous weeks. It’s a late-stage build week in winter and is biased towards improving the athlete’s weak points, with this athlete we often work on 10-day cycles incorporating more recovery/adaptation if needed.

Monday (S&C, Run):

AM: 45-60 min Strength & Conditioning (higher reps 8x, lower weights 70%max than last week – FYI: Glutes, calves, quads, core focussed)

PM Optional: 45-60min Z1 run based on HR, dependent on HRV. Varied terrain.

Tuesday (Bike):

AM: 15′ drills including – high cadence and one-legged pedalling.

  • 10′ (2RI)@ 270w, 95 rpm, aero
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 320w
  • 5′ (3RI) @ >340w, c100rpm
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 300w, 95 rpm, aero
  • 5′ (3RI) @ >340w, c100rpm
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 320w
  • 10′ (2RI)@ 270w, 90 rpm, aero
  • PM: Optional 30′ recovery run.

Wednesday (Run)

  • Optional bike 10′-30′ Z1/Easy @>100rpm then straight into
  • 6-10x strides then
  • 2×20′ @ 3:45/km, 5′ RI  then
  • 10′ as best you can cap at max Z4 HR

Thursday (Bike)

  • 60′ easy Z1 based on power, aero, >4’RI then
  • 3’@350w 2′ RI then
  • 3’@<300w <80rpm (include standing)
  • Further Optional 30’ light stretching/rolling


Complete Rest

Saturday (Run)

  • Plyometric Drills 15-30′, and 4-6x strides.
  • 20’ Z1 (based on HR)
  • 5×5’ @>3:25/km, 2-4’ RI
  • Optional (PM) 30′ easy recovery run, Z1.

Sunday (Bike, Run)

  • Bike: 4x [10′ Z2 (based on HR) + 5′ Z3] @>90rpm then
  • Run: 30′ easy Z1-Z2 (based on HR)


Complete Rest

NB: Follow somebody else’s plan at your peril ! Your training must be based on what YOU can achieve NOT what somebody else can achieve.

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2 thoughts on “Duathlon Training: An example of a week’s training

  1. Is this an extract or copied from somewhere?

    I’ve been searching for duathlon training plans a lot and it’s hard to find anything at all. best thing seems to be to take triathlon plans and remove the swimming session

    • Hi Tom. There are free duathlon plans on this site. Look at the menus and all will quickly be revealed. I train duathletes and runners. This article is kind of an extract from one particular person’s plan for one week. Generic plans will not properly address YOUR limiters. A generic plan is fine if you are aiming to finish a certain race distance.

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