Review: CURRANZ Performance and Recovery Tablets, Blackcurrant-based

The CURRANZ tablets are concentrated blackcurrant juice with which actively uses anthocyanin to positively affect bloodflow via nitrate oxide synthesis. Blackcurrant positively affects lactate tolerance and substrate oxidation. You take them once daily following a ‘loading’ strategy or pre-race you could have one at least 2 hours before the race.

Positives: Taking a tablet is pretty straightforward. IMO they definitely and noticeably improve recovery, removing most aching legs the day after a hard session. University research shows noticeably increased performance and in my opinion that MAY be the case with my performances.

Negatives: Occasionally upset stomach the following day. Approx £30 for a month’s supply for continuous daily usage.

Comments: I have integrated these into my race nutrition regime with a 2-3 day loading strategy before the race on the ‘it probably doesn’t hurt’ basis. I also use them at least once weekly immediately prior to my dreaded ‘hard swim’ day. That day is CERTAINLY easier with CURRANZ and BEET-IT combo. I would suggest getting together with a few like-minded athletes to share the cost of a pack before a hard session and see what you all think 24 hours later.

Promotional Discount Code is RUNCURRANZ on the curranz website, this should give you 15% off until October 2015 then 10% afterwards. The supplier occasionally sends me free product rather than any monetary payment for the use of this code.

Alternatives: n/a.

Detailed Review: This link covers my detailed ‘review’ of CURRANZ.

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