Review: MIO Link Optical Heart Rate Monitor

MIO Link Review
MIO Link Review

This is one of the more accurate optical heart rate monitors. It supports ANT+ and Bluetooth SMART but not HRV and is wrist-worn.

Positives: You can use it with just about any modern app or watch such as a Garmin or Polar. It’s comfy and looks good and the battery life of around 7 hours is fine for most uses. For those of us who don’t like chest straps or can’t wear them, this is a GREAT alternative.

Negatives: It does not cache the data, unlike the MIO Fuse, meaning that a watch or smartphone APP MUST also be present. Although accurate in its class it is NOT as accurate as most chest straps, especially at higher heart rates above 165bpm. Certain kinds of skin and environmental or morphological factors further affect the accuracy. The MIO app is ‘limited’.

Comments: People either love or hate the MIO Link; with most loving it. As a wrist based, optical HRM it really is hard to beat even a year or more after its release.

Alternatives: This link covers some alternatives.

Detailed Review: This link covers my detailed review of the MIO Link.

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