Review: Skechers GoRun 4

At about 220g these are fairly light running shoes and we all know that lighter shoes usually make you go faster in a race. You can get shoes down to around 100g but those would offer very minimal cushioning.

Positives: They look nice IMO. These are light and fast with some support and quite a bit of cushioning, more than previous models. I find them comfy and I would readily race a HM in them. There is a hole in the back which really does help you put the shoe on! The outer layer of the shoe is a relatively tightly woven mesh, itself covered with waterproofing in places.

Negatives:  I’m not convinced on the longevity. Racing shoes are never meant to last more than a few races before what little support/cushioning they have goes away. However these offer more than that. If you like them as your racing shoe they will last many races. As a ‘training’ shoe I wait to be convinced – then again, having said that, rotating with other pairs will be good as the fit is different.

Comments: Great value for money at around £50. Looking at the specs you would think these shoes would be good at keeping the outside world ‘out’ but less good at breathability. In terms of breathability, however, I would say they have been good so far. Surprisingly so. I’ve not raced in these yet. However on the occasions when I use running shoes for triathlon with straps/platforms on the bike then the not-wide sole is going to work wonders with my bike and subsequent T2-to-run. The could well make their first outing in anger at the AJBell London Triathlon…we’ll see.

Edit Indeed they did make their outing there. These shoes race well for me. After a year of occasional use the cushioning has gone. however I like the feel so much that I still wear them. they seem to help me go a bit faster than I should yet I don’t get injured when I wear them. Other, heavier and more cushioned shoes seem to change my gait slightly and then I get injured…I’ll stick with these as my secret weapon in the ‘occasional-use cupboard’.

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