Review: Suunto Ambit 3

IMG_3426This is a high quality, triathlon sports watch and activity tracker that will cover most of the features you need for training and racing.

Positives: It looks great and you have to look hard at it to find bugs. The MOVESCOUNT ‘data ecosystem’ is very good and fairly open with some novel and useful features.

Negatives: It only supports Bluetooth SMART sensors. What it gains in being a 24×7 watch it loses a tad in size/weight.

Comments: There is still plenty of work to be done matching the features of Garmin. Although when you get all those features you will find few that you use. There is likely to be a 2015/2016 upgraded version to extend the range.

Alternatives: This link covers some alternatives.

Detailed Review: This link covers my first review of the AMBIT 3 and then I look at functionality in a more detailed triathlon-specific review of the AMBIT 3 SPORT.

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