Review: Compressport R2 Calf Guards

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These are high quality compression socks for your calfs. There are many supposed benefits for compression gear which, on balance, probably have at least some merit. You have to ask why Olympic athletes don’t wear them if there is a competitive advantage whilst wearing them in races.

Positives: They probably help with recovery through increased blood flow. They may have an injury-preventative element to them as well by supporting the Achilles/calf.  These are better made than other manufacturers’ similar products. Some people think they look very impressive.

Negatives:  These are expensive. They probably don’t increase performance through stopping ‘muscle wobble’ and the associated loss of energy. You need to put them on and take them off relatively carefully otherwise the cuff (particularly at the top) will come off after a while. Pushing on the non-cuff part too hard with your thumbs when removing can permanently ‘warp’ the fabric (as shown above), although they still seem to work. They look a ‘bit silly’ in others’ eyes.

Comments:  I do NOT get free stuff from Compressport. Some events may ban them, although I think that is mostly an historical issue these days (eg triathlon). If you wear them for recovery underneath, say, jeans then the branding comes off. I have used similar products from Compressport for years and the branding these days adheres for MUCH longer than it used to (ONE image above shows a well-used pair). The calf guards do last a long time; well over a year of NON-continuous use. I would go for the size that JUST fits (below) in order for them to be as comfortably tight as possible. The number ‘2’ on the cuff (shown) represents the size T2 I believe. They are a useful but by no means necessary addition to your kit bag.

FWIW, I use them…just in case!

Buy From: Here for UK or below for USA.

Alternatives: 2XU and others.

Detailed Review: Not available.

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  1. Are the ”Born in Switzerland” compression clothes as good as Compressport states?

    I felt really lucky and privileged this year in April to dress myself in a new set of Compressport Nederland Trailrunning clothes. I always really enjoy new trailrunning clothes as others may be thrilled buying a new dress, or the latest jeans. And just as with new jeans, you start to appreciate them more and more when time progresses. It is now August and some 2000 trailkilometers later, time for a review … see:

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