BENQ XR3501 Curved LCD 35″ Gaming Monitor

BENQ XR3501 Curved LCD Gaming Monitor
BENQ XR3501 Curved LCD Gaming Monitor

BENQ XR3501 Curved LCD 35″ Gaming Monitor or Fierce PC Monitor

Many of you will have been following, with interest, my garage conversion project for the turbo. Most of the hard construction work is already done especially after the installation of the ‘big fan’. It’s now time for some ‘decoration’.

I will of course occasionally do some work in there and so the PC will find its into the chamber-of-doom too. I was tempted into some fancy new PC-monitor wizardry with an unexpected invite from BENQ to attend the opening event for the release of one of their new monitors. To be more precise: the BENQ XR3501 Curved LCD Gaming Monitor although I had also considered the Fierce PC Monitor.


In my imagination, I had a vision of something like 3 of these being used for one of my indoor cycling races on the turbo – like those with Zwift or Trainer Road. It’s probably possible but these monitors are state-of-the-art gaming monitors as seen at League-of-Legends-type global championships, apparently, as well as ideally suited for F1-type racing games as shown in the picture racing around virtual-Silverstone.

Some tech specs: 21:9 extra wide aspect ratio, super-smooth 144Hz refresh, whopping 35″ screen and some clever tech that makes the darker parts of the screen more visible so that you can see stuff others can’t.


To be clear: I got a free sandwich or two and not a free monitor.

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