Opinion: Sports Watches come to market with too many bugs

In my opinion Sports Watches come to market with too many bugs.

I once did ‘stuff’ in the software industry and the ‘beta’ phase of testing was when you kinda thought the product was OK but you would let a select group of users prove otherwise.

You’d normally do that AFTER in-house user testing and AFTER the bugs that arose during in-house testing were fixed.

You’d normally SELL the product after the problems in beta testing were fixed.

It seems to me that many sports-watch and activity tracking products are effectively released as saleable units for ‘user testing’. The business model being that users pay a premium price for a brand-spanking-new product to do the user testing that really should be paid for by the manufacturer.

And we all know who I mean.


Do you, dear reader(s), really want to know the extent of software problems? Or does the pull of a new gadget overweigh those concerns? If you do, you need to speak up because I don’t think all companies are listening right now 🙂 As products get increasingly more complex I would imagine that the situation will worsen.

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5 thoughts on “Opinion: Sports Watches come to market with too many bugs

  1. [OK.]

    This is what I have DONE:
    * I bought a TICKR X expecting extra features and got them
    * I put off buying a 920XT until the altimeter was fixed

    Meanwhile, I often see people in forums who are fighting fire with fire (dishonesty with dishonesty?). The retail device is, they think, a free rental for 5 and 3/4 months after which they might decide to keep it.

    1. It’s fine sending things back if they don’t work but having an effective free loan copy for that long borders on being dishonest I IMO. Glad neither of us do that.

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