Sweet Victory at world’s biggest triathlon – AJ Bell London Triathlon

Emma Pallant & Stuart Hayes - AJ Bell London Triathlon
Emma Pallant & Stuart Hayes – AJ Bell London Triathlon

So I said to my team, “If we just make that breakaway work and leave Stuart and his lot in the pack, then I know one of us has got a chance.” My team were great, really supportive. They gave it all for me and, as we headed into T2 30 seconds in front of Stuart, my hopes were high.

A rapid transition; I sneaked ahead of Emma and I was out and running well ahead of her. I knew I had them both.

It was hard, of course, but I just held Emma off for the first 3k and then with the finish line in sight I dug deep; a nice gap opened and the pressure eased a little. I’d done it. Those months of training had finally paid off.

Sweet, sweet victory. My first medal. But credit to these two guys here, they made me work for it.

And then I woke up.

Great afternoon with Olympian Stuart Hayes (right) and future Olympian Emma Pallant (left) organised by AJ Bell London Triathlon.

Fellow attendee in the middle of the picture, not me. This post is just a bit of fun. Looking forward to the biggest triathlon in the world…the AJ BELL LONDON TRIATHLON.

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