Top smartphone apps for sports, triathlon, running, cycling, and activity- League Table

Red-Jabra-Blue-Garmin-HRMRUNHere is a first attempt at a chart for top SPORTS and ACTIVITY tracking apps. It’s based on the number of reviews on Google Play Store (Android). Notes about this are covered at the end, at least you have a handy link which may prove more useful than the accuracy of the ‘stats’ !

Android App NameEst.ReviewsRatingAug-15
Runtastic running & fitness10,000,000423,2214.5Link
Nike+ Running10,000,000359,6734.4Link
Runkeeper GPS Track Run Walk10,000,000307,5074Link
My Tracks (Google)10,000,000193,0284.2Link
Google Fit5,000,0001298494Link
Strava Running & Cycling GPS1,000,000129,7774.6Link
Sports Tracker5,000,000123,1214.5Link
Runtastic Running Pro1,000,000121,7624.6Link
Mapmyfitness – Run5,000,00095,2504.5Link
Runtastic Road Bike1,000,00067,0114.5Link
Mapmyfitness – Walk1,000,00057,3294.4Link
Mapmyfitness – Ride1,000,00055,5764.4Link
adidas micaoch1,000,00051,7804.3Link
Runtastic Mountain Bike1,000,00040,4924.5Link
Garmin connect1,000,00024,4783.4Link
Runtastic Mountain Bike Pro50,00012,1444.6Link
Runtastic Road Bike Pro50,00011,5184.6Link
Polar Flow100,0007,4063.1Link
Jawbone Up500,0005,6094.1Link
Polar Beat100,0003,5413.3Link
Training Peaks100,0002,7464.3Link
TomTom MySports50,0002,0082.9Link
Ride with GPS100,0001,9274.1Link
Wahoo Fitness50,0001,7824.0Link
Suunto Movescount50,0001,7312.7Link
Samsung Activity Tracker100,0001,5873.3Link
Under Armour Record50,0001,5634.1Link
Microsoft Health50,0009574.0Link
MIO Go10,0008922.8Link
Epson Pulsense10,0003602.5Link
Elite HVRV10,0002874.3Link
Tacx Training10,0001082.8Link

OK the stats are flawed for numerous reasons including the following. Any suggestions on how to relatively easily get more accurate stats would be appreciated, especially for iOS/iTunes:

  1. Excludes windowsphone – may not be too much of a factor
  2. Excludes iOS/Apple – massive omission
  3. Excludes proprietary phone vendor stores for Android like SAMSUNG store
  4. Based on the number of reviews – this is probably not too bad a measure actually and at least is an accurate number.
  5. Basing instead on the number of downloads would count someone who has downloaded and then subsequently deleted OR never used OR is no longer using
  6. In any case downloads are supplied by Google Play as a range eg from 10,000-50,000 from which it is not possible or meaningful to draw an single figure inference.
  7. Some apps are paid-for (like BioforceHRV), this will consequently have a lower number of downloads and may also make a paying-user more critical in the ranking they give to the product.
  8. Some vendors make multiple similar products (paid and free versions) it may make sense to aggregate all of these.

Either way it looks like we all like Strava and Runtastic.

Original material from me BUT inspiration from a similar idea by

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Hi Sir!!!

Your work is also our inspiration… and Our articles are also yours. (Excuse my english, please)…

The link to zitasport (APPs ranking).