Sports Software – Windows 10 Compatibility (Polar)

Source: zitasport
Source: zitasport

Expect lots of announcements from companies about their software’s compatibility with Windows 10.

Polar are the first that I am aware of (credit to them). They report no problems – with one possible exception: The V650.
Personally I’d wait and let everyone else sort out the bugs that will inevitably materialise.
I’m using Windows 10 on my non-Sports PC. FWIW: Seems no quicker, a tad slicker and quite a bit more annoying as it’s different and keeps wanting me to use Microsoft stuff (some of which I love, some of which I don’t).
———————– Official Polar Info in Full —————–

Windows 10 compatibility with Polar products and softwares

The official version of Windows 10 was launched a few days back, 29th of July. We write to inform that Polar products using FlowSync and WebSync data transfer applications are compatible with the Windows 10 operating system, with one exception.  Some users who have updated to Windows 10 might face challenges with the synchronization with the Polar V650 since the device might not be recognized when attached to the USB port. Rest assured, we’re working on it. 

Following products, which are synchronized using FlowSync, are compatible with Windows 10:

  • Polar Loop
  • Polar Loop 2
  • A300
  • M400
  • M450
  • V800

Following products synced with WebSync are compatible with Windows 10:

  • RC3 GPS
  • RCX3
  • RCX5
  • RS300X
  • FT7
  • FT40
  • FT60
  • FT80
  • CS500/+

Polar products which are not manufactured anymore or are under Polar support, cannot be promised a full Windows 10 support.

Polar products using Weblink software are not compatible with Windows 10.

ProTrainer 5 can be installed to a Windows 10 computer, however the software is not fully compatible, as synchronization is not possible since the IrDA USB adapter is not compatible with Windows 10.

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  1. my V650 has ceased syncing. I have uninstalled it and tried to reinstall on windows 10 but without success.. What can I do please?

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