dcrainmaker takes a pop at Garmin Vector analytics on Connect

Some great comments from dcrainmaker on power meters.

  • “no-one reads instructions anymore”, yep that’s generally true and few people have torque wrenches.
  • “basic stuff”, indeed it is fairly basic to get new calculations done on existing data.

Some REALLY GREAT technical solutions are out there with the hardware (and more to come soon) but some of the existing software is lacking. And lacking when you have spent MANY hundreds of pounds/dollars.

If I were you, buying a power meter in 2015, then I wouldn’t quite know what to do.

Having said that, 4iiii Precision and Powertap P1 and bePRO all look interesting.

dcrainmaker takes a pop at Garmin Vector analytics
dcrainmaker takes a pop at Garmin Vector analytics

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2 thoughts on “dcrainmaker takes a pop at Garmin Vector analytics on Connect

  1. hey, whats your opinion about the p1? im thinking about getting these because its so much cheaper than the dual garmin vectors…the other concern i have about pedals is the rotational weight…i’d much rather have that rotation in center of BB or like the G3 hub…i know the p1’s aren’t much heavier than the garmin vectors but they seem to be anchoring every pedal stroke…do i worry too much about nothing or should i just drop it here…i was checking out the quarq elsa but then DC had mentioned they were still perfecting the water ingress. i did inquire about that for the p1 but the powertap replied that i could get it wet but not submerge…and DC i think mentioned it would be pretty much close to waterproof because of the o-ring…he said he’d ask as well. mm we’ll see…

    aesthetically i like it its ok for me, the orange cap seems like a Gatorade logo LOL but ya…if it were black it would be nicer. will you be doing a review on these 😀 that would be super awesome!

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